Will Eisner.com prototypes

Prototype designs for Will Eisner Web Site.
Created by Catherine Garnier

Posted January 26, 2000

  1. Revised Homepage design.
  2. Revised Library design.
Posted October 17, 1999.

General design notes:

I chose a two color palette (black and yellow) for the basic design for a couple of reasons:

1) Quicker load time
2) Doesn't interfere or compete with art.

I left an area in the upper right hand corner for eventual ad or sponsor placement.

Page designs:

Note that these are images only. No links or buttons work.
Homepage As you will see, I am trying to evoke a splash page with the layout here. I searched in vain for appropriate art for the panels. This is the best I could find. Each panel represents a major area of the site. I envision this page working like this: When a mouse is dragged over one of the panels, the image changes to color, the character in it turns out to face the viewer, and a word balloon or sound effect pops up to announce the name of the section. Ideally we would ask you to do new art for the panels, two pieces for each one.
Drawing Board This section will showcase latest work, starting with the Fagin story. Visitor will be able to view the story page-by-page.
Library I thought we could start with everything in the WE Library in here, and then build it up from there by adding information from the Spirit checklist and other early work.
ForumThis is the place where we would put letters from you, interviews, maybe the Shop Talk material. I will put the text of the letter that you sent us up shortly.
BioDo you have a standard bio that we can use for this? Otherwise I can paraphrase from "Art of Will Eisner"